Founded in 1972, Corporate Volunteers of New York is the coalition of over fifty major corporations that recognize the critical importance of volunteerism and corporate social responsibility in the communities in which we all work and live. CVNY provides leadership and support to our members to meet the changing needs of the New York City community.

What it's all about

CVNY roundtable and discussion events provide tools, tips, and resources about a variety of topics related to corporate volunteerism: employee and community engagement, business development, volunteer recognition, industry awards, measurement and evaluation, and more. Ten events are held during the program calendar of September to June each year.

More than 150 professionals across 50+ companies engage with each other at CVNY panels, roundtables, holiday and summer parties, and professional development days. This network is invaluable for discussions, nonprofit connections, and learning best practices in the industry.

CVNY stays on top of industry trends to connect you with the educational events you need. Meetings connect members to industry trends, professional development opportunities and thought leaders in the space to help all of us in the industry continue to educate ourselves and advance volunteer opportunities within our companies and across the private sector.