February 2021: Professional Development -The Silent Language of Leaders

In this interactive session, Linda Clemons covered the most powerful behaviors that reveal confidence and true sentiments. The Composition of Communication is made up of
1. Words = 7% – Are your words powerful or powerless?
2. Tonality = 38% – It’s not what you say, but how you say it.
3. Nonverbal = 55%
She emphasized – “If all 3 don’t agree, then there is a disconnect in the message between you and me.”

Linda left us with tips for engaging in a virtual environment and reminded us that “it takes 2-3 hours virtually to build the same connection with someone that is built through shaking hands.”
1. Use your hands in virtual presentations, and move with purpose. Proven to increase engagement.
2. Mind your body angles: Body, face, hands and arms
3. Mind subconscious movements like putting your hand near your ear or mouth; turning your body away; etc.