March 2020: Impact Measurement and Evaluation

CVNY’s March meeting, held via webinar, focused on measurement and evaluation (M&E) for corporate social responsibility (CSR). The webinar provided a high-level overview of M&E and how it can be applied by CSR professionals to understand value add for society and for the company. The presenter Laura Hollod, an independent consult specializing in this space, described current M&E trends and approaches for CSR. She highlighted the Theory of Change as a practical and foundational tool for CSR practitioners to use in designing their M&E approach. Examples from the field were shared, as well as the following resources:

• Hivos: Theory of Change Thinking In Practice provides a detailed guide on Theory of Change with tools and tips for building your own.
• Nesta’s Theory of Change template offers a simplified tool that organizations can complete for themselves.
• Harvard University’s Tip Sheet on Question Wording offers helpful ideas for designing and administering surveys.
• The BetterEvaluation Rainbow Framework provides a tool for evaluation planning.
• When you are ready to visualize your data using graphs and charts, in a report format, this Data Visualization Checklist is helpful.
• The London Benchmarking Group (LBG) Framework for Corporate Community Investing provides a high-level Theory of Change-style framework specifically for this field.
• The Committee Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy (CECP) Giving in Numbers annual report highlights trends in what & how over 200 companies are measuring (among other things).

CVNY members are welcome to reach out to our guest speaker Laura Hollod should they have any questions:

Content from the March session is available for download here:
CVNY M&E Session 3.18.2020