June 2016: Branding from the Inside Out – The Mindset of a Leader

CVNY hosted a Professional Development session for members focused on leadership with speaker Valia Glytsis, CEO and Founder of The Paradox of Leadership. As an executive coach, trainer, and speaker, Valia works with leaders and organizations that yearn for a more meaningful and impactful way of working, communicating, and leading. This talent development work delivers subtle yet profound mindset shifts that revel in the paradox of leadership–it all begins within. Valia’s passion for leadership is driven by rich professional experience in marketing, branding, and consulting with one common denominator–the ability to drive transformational success through a fierce commitment to the human side of business.

CVNY members learned from Valia about how to identify their guiding values and their personal leadership mantra, to be able to drive the mission of volunteerism in their companies through strengths-based leadership.