February 2017: Professional Development Day

CVNY’s annual Professional Development Day included three sessions ranging from exploring personality types in business to analyzing various companies’ social impact structures and strategies. Members who arrived in time for breakfast also took advantage of the photographer taking professional headshots.

Session 1 – Business Chemistry: The Science of Great Relationships

  • Facilitator: Karina Opdyke, Senior Manager in Deloitte’s Human Capital Consulting practice
  • Working with a team of renowned scientists in the field of neuroscience and genetics, Deloitte created the Business Chemistry model to reveal distinct patterns of personality-linked behavior, and their impacts on business relationships. Karina presented an overview of four personality types and how they interact in a work setting. Having a comprehensive and fundamental understanding of behavior, preferences, and relationships will allow you to be more effective in your interactions, understand how and where to add value, and help increase your general happiness at work.

Session 2 – CSR Leadership: Getting Things Done with Soft Power

  • Facilitator: Stewart Rassier, Director of Executive Education & Advisory Products, Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship
  • Today’s corporate citizenship professionals navigate business and community issues that require engagement from across the company. There is no silver bullet for moving these projects forward; however, understanding the tools of soft power can build your skills as a CSR leader and enable success. In this workshop, we reviewed tips for influencing without authority and explored tools focused on communicating vision and persuading others.

Session 3 – Four Corporate Archetypes to Maximize Your Social Impact

  • Facilitator: Nate Wong, Manager in Deloitte’s Social Impact Consulting practice
  • Social impact has evolved from a pure PR play to an important part of corporate strategy to protect and create value. In a recent study by Deloitte, researchers identified the four social impact archetypes companies typically fall into. Nate Wong, a co-author of the report, discussed his analysis of social impact trends across companies and industries and considerations for company executives and CSR professionals when thinking about social impact and growth.

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