Corporate Volunteers of New York (CVNY)
September 2019 – Engaging Senior Leaders

Guest Speakers:

Moderator: Icema Gibbs, JetBlue, Director, Corporate Social Responsibility
Meghan Bracken, KPMG, Director, Citizenship
Kelly Fisher, HSBC Bank, Head of Corporate Sustainability
Esther Nai, Salesforce, Global Philanthropy and Engagement Manager

The panel discussed the following:

 Importance of understanding the needs of the business
 Effective ways to engage senior leaders
 Take away tools and tactics for implementation

Key takeaways:

 Ask good questions and be prepared to have the answer.
 Find what makes your organization unique.
 Leverage your expertise.
 Make the program sustainable and scalable.
 Ensure your strategy aligns with the brand and business goals.
 It’s not about what you’re asking of your leaders, but rather ask yourself what your programs can do for them.