On January 15, CVNY hosted a session on innovative skills-based volunteering program. Moderated by Andrina Schwartz of Credit Suisse, the panelists included:


  • Lalita Badinehal, Credit Suisse
  • Marlee Margolin, IBM
  • Jamie Saxe, Xylem


Representing a diverse set of industries, the speakers offered insights into their respective programs, how these have taken shape and evolved, as well as challenges and successes.


Key Takeaways:

  • Skills-based volunteering has a positive impact on organizations, employees and employers
  • Linking programs back to talent development and HR offers additional benefits
  • Employees are asking for these opportunities and want to contribute their skills/expertise to make an impact in the community
  • Adapting programs to changing needs/challenges is important
  • Involving clients in skills-based volunteering is a great way to build and strengthen relationships
  • Support of senior leadership is important and helps drive engagement; documenting impact – both qualitative and quantitative – is key to securing, maintaining and growing this support