On February 19th, CVNY organized a Professional Development event at Viacom CBS with special guest speaker and author, James Kane. Through interactive exercises, CVNY attendees learned the strategy for success on how what makes someone truly loyal -to another person, to an organization, or to a cause, which focused on the following themes: survive, optimize and flourish.

Survive: What’s making their life unsafe? Identify ways you can make them feel safe.

Optimize: What’s making their life difficult? Identify ways you can make their life easier.

Flourish: What is making their life unfulfilling? Identify ways to make their life better.

The key takeaways for building loyalty are:

  • Trust is character, competency, consistency and capacity.
  • Someone may have a completely different view of trust than you.
  • Trust is about alignment. In order to get someone’s trust, you need to understand what trust meant to them, instead of showing how great you are.
  • Understand the person’s needs. It’s not always what they ask.

James Kane is available for speaking events, professional development workshops and leadership coaching.

You can download James Kane’s Loyalty Workbook here: LoyaltyWorkbook2020

We were also joined by LinkedIn representative, Cammie Erickson, who shared tips and tricks on how to build a better LinkedIn profile.

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