March 2017: Using Communications to Drive CSR Success

Stronger business reputation and loyalty, both internally and externally, is one of the major business benefits of CSR programs. But if no one knows about the amazing programs that you’re running, your company may not be getting the full business and social benefits from the investments that you’re making. How can your CSR team maximize collaborations with your Communications team to achieve shared success? CVNY members joined a panel of AOL experts to hear about the campaigns that have driven the most success, the most important channels for CSR teams to utilize, how to measure Communications impact, and how CSR teams can create strong collaborations with Communications even when they don’t have dedicated support.


  • JAMIE MITTELMAN, Senior Marketing Manager, CITIZEN AOL: After graduating as an International Studies major from Middlebury College Jamie moved to South East Asia as a teacher at the first liberal arts school for girls in Asia. Impressed by the power of marketing to drive action, after several years Jamie transitioned to World Wildlife Fund, learning from experts in the nonprofit marketing industry. For the past three and a half years, Jamie has overseen AOL’s cause marketing programs, managing a pro bono media portfolio of $30M and spearheading communications for Citizen AOL events and programs.
  • ALAN NOAH, Senior Communications Manager, AOL: After graduating Cornell University, Alan began a television career in NBC’s Page program. Alan then went to produce and write for a variety of shows that aired on VH1, MTV, Fuse, Science Channel, Animal Planet and TLC. Now, Alan is happy to share his passion for words and creative concepts with AOLers as a member of the Global Internal Comms team.
  • RYAN SAGAWA, Senior Designer, AOL Brand & Creative: From the beaches of Hawai’i to yelling “Go Ducks” in Oregon, Ryan is now taking on NYC one dumpling spot at a time. As a Senior Designer on the AOL Brand & Creative team, Ryan develops and designs graphics for various AOL events, marketing programs and brand identities.